Learn web development through example

Let’s learn the language of web development through examples of working applications and sites.I prefer this method because it gives the learner an understanding of both calculator1his/her theory work as well as the practical application or use of the lessons taken.In my first lesson,I will be teaching you the basics of the three basic languages of web development.These languages are HTML,CSS and JAVA SCRIPT.

I will be demonstrating all these languages using a scientific calculator i designed using these three languages.I will be giving you picture frames of the codes from my editor on my laptop as well as give you a link to the source code files and video clips on my vimeo account,which you will be able to download and practice on your own.

The calculator you see on the left is what we will be developing in this lesson.It is a web based calculator,so it will be able to work in the web browser software(google chrome,internet explorer,mozila fire fox,safari,…etc).


Below is the screen shot of the HTML script used for designing this calculator.

Here is the link to my first video of this calculator lectures.

developing scientific calculator video 1

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